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101 Summer Boredom Busters for Phoenix Families

It's finally summer vacation, but how long until you hear: "MOM I'M BORED!" Maybe you've already heard it once, twice, or a hundred times so far. 

We don't have anything against boredom.  Kids need the chance to be bored... sometimes.  However, with about 2+ months of summer break from school, we thought you could use a few ideas to bust that boredom... at least occasionally!

First things first: Have you checked the KidsOutAndAbout.com Event's Calendar for up-to-date events? 

STILL bored?  Here are 101 ideas for Summer Boredom Busting!

  1. Go on a hike
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Explore a new bike path
  4. Jump rope
  5. Play an outdoor relay game
  6. Go camping - backyard? or from inside the air conditioned living room!
  7. Start a water balloon/water gun fight
  8. Go fishing
  9. Stay cool playing at an indoor play center
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Make homemade ice cream
  12. Spend a night stargazing
  13. See a $1 movie at the theater
  14. Stay cool at a pool or splashpad!
  15. Have a family movie night
  16. Have a family dance party
  17. Prepare a new recipe together. 
  18. Deliver homemade cookies to neighbors
  19. Visit an elderly person
  20. Wash the car
  21. Hula Hoop
  22. Have a cook out
  23. Find a FREE outdoor movie on the KidsOutAndAbout.com Event's Calendar 
  24. Visit the zoo
  25. Go to a water park 
  26. Have a talent show
  27. Check out one of the Kids Bowl Free programs
  28. Play Hopscotch
  29. Host a toy swap or book swap with friends
  30. Build a fort (inside or outside)
  31. Make your own bubbles
  32. Create a summer scrapbook
  33. Participate in the Summer Reading Program at your local Library
  34. Find a free library event on the KidsOutAndAbout.com Event's Calendar 
  35. Eat at a food truck
  36. Find a festival
  37. Watch funny YouTube videos
  38. Write/illustrate a summer book
  39.  Mail a letter to someone
  40. Go to a pet shop
  41. Make homemade ice pops
  42. Take a boat ride - check out the Dolly Steamboat!
  43. Have water relay races
  44. Fly a kite
  45. Make a pet rock
  46. Look for cloud shapes
  47. Make sock puppets
  48. Make ice cream sundaes
  49. Tie-dye shirts
  50. Watch a movie at a Drive-In - check out West Wind Glendale!
  51. Make bird feeders
  52. Watch the sun set
  53. Visit a new playground
  54. Watch a local sporting event
  55. Play Frisbee
  56. Go fishing
  57. Build a Sandcastle
  58. Visit a museum
  59. Play in the sprinkler
  60. Play hide-and-seek
  61. Take silly pictures
  62. Play in the rain
  63. Read A Book
  64. Visit a local farm
  65. Tell jokes - read a joke book
  66. Watch a sunset
  67. Make yogurt parfaits
  68. Make a time capsule
  69. Visit the mall
  70. Go on a bug hunt with a magnifying glass
  71. Climb a tree
  72. Go swimming
  73. Make jam
  74. Make/Paint a birdhouse
  75. Go to storytime at Barnes and Noble
  76. Decorate cupcakes
  77. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  78. Weekend kids' workshops at Lowe's or Home Depot 
  79. Have a fancy tea party
  80. Have a campfire and make more than s'mores - but definitely make s'mores too! ;) 
  81. Visit an amusement/water park
  82. Create an obstacle course
  83. Wash the car
  84. Pull out the board games
  85. Rent a movie from the red box!
  86. Host a sleepover or backyard campout
  87. Plant a garden
  88. Have a pillow fight
  89. Fly paper airplanes
  90. Paint your own pottery at home (visit a craft store) or at As You Wish
  91. Make homemade pizza
  92. Take $5 and let the kids shop at The Dollar Tree
  93. Explore a new park - without a playground!
  94. Shop a local Farmers' Market
  95. Go Berry Picking
  96. Go Geocaching or Letterboxing
  97. Write a poem
  98. Build a pinata
  99. Play with shaving cream
  100. Clean your room (worth a shot)
  101. Take a road trip - check out our list of 101 Day Trips!


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