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Book Review - Licorice Lane: Tales From Harley

By Meg Brunson

Local mom and author, Lindsey Dempsey, recently launched her first children's book, and I was so eager to have the opportunity to review it.


Licorice Lane: Tales from Harley follows a girl and her rescue dog as they explore an imaginative candy world.  This book combined two things that my children personally love "the most" - dogs and candy!  


When the story began the kids eagerly listened to me read the playful and fun story, picking out some rhyming words along the way. The scenery of their imaginative world instantly reminded my 6 year old of Candy Land. My kids are 2, 4, and 6, and they all listened intently to the story and had fun observing all of the colorful illustrations and imagining what they would be doing if they were able to play with Harley in his candy world. Everyone agreed they'd lick the lollipop trees!


Since reading the story, we've referenced it at bedtime. You see, in the story the characters face difficulty with having to stop playing because it's bedtime, something my kids struggle with too. That lesson has helped curb some of the nightime battles in our house!


Lindsey's goal in writing the book is to provide kids with an alternative to technology when they are bored by encouraging them to use their imaginations, like they do in the story book. There are even some fun coloring pages at the end of the story to allow the kids to express their creativity in other ways!  


You can find the adorable story on Amazon, and read more about local author, Lindsey Dempsey, on her website.  Licorice Lane would make a wonderful gift this holiday season - and a great way to support a local family as well!





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