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Review: Birthday Parties at Luv2Play Surprise

By Meg Brunson

My family lives in the northwest valley, so when we learned that there would be a new indoor play center opening in Surprise we were excited to check it out - and even more excited to find out that it would be open in time to host my youngest's second birthday party!  

UPDATE: We had so much fun at this party that we booked ANOTHER party at Luv2Play Surprise!!  Check out all the pics on Facebook HERE.

There were a couple things that I loved right off the bat: 

  1. Play All Day - when you book your party time, that determines the time you spend in the party room (45 minutes) but guests are welcome to come as early and stay as late as they would like!  
  2. Party Food - The kids have the choice of eating pizza or peanut butter and jelly, and drinking juice or soda.  My kids can be picky and will go through spells where they don't care for pizza (which seems to be the party food of choice at most birthday venues) so I loved that Luv2Play offered an alternative!
  3. Fun for all Ages - my kids ages range from 2-9, and it's sometimes difficult to find places to go that are fun for each of them.  Luv2Play has areas specifically for crawlers/new walkers, toddlers/preschoolers, and then older kids (it's meant for kids 0-12).  My older kids quickly "got lost" in the huge play structure where they could climb, swing, slide, play with balls, and more.  My little 2 had a blast in the toddler/preschool area almost exclusively.  There was a slide and a ball pit, plus multiple moving play structures that they enjoyed climbing, swinging, and bouncing on.  I love that the play structure is big enough for parents to accompany their children, since I know the struggle of having a kid climb up to the top and then get too scared to come down.  Luv2Play also has a pretend play area, rock climbing wall and an area for playing with kinetic sand that is open for kids of all ages!

When we arrived we were greeted by our party host - he was super friendly and kept us up-to-date on the status of our party room and was very efficient and responsive to the needs of our guests once we were in the party room.  The kids played for about an hour before we corraled them into the party room.  They were eager to enjoy pizza and cake - then hit the play floor for more fun.

Each child received a $5 game credit as well.  The game credits and any tickets won are stored on a reloadable "credit card" like swipe card.  The kids loved swiping their cards for games, and I loved not having to hold on to a bunch of tickets!  Each game/ride cost a different amount ranging from about $.35-$1 (though there could have been a couple outside of that range we just didn't play).  There were rides that the little ones enjoyed, a candy crane and a ball crane game, an air hockey table, giant piano, a giant PacMan game, and a variety of other ticket-dispencing arcade games. 

The worst part of the party at Luv2Play?  

Having to leave... There was so much to do for the kids that they did not want to go home.  My 6-year-old still reminds me that she didn't get to "do it all" because she was having too much fun. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time as well, playing alongside the kids and taking little breaks to enjoy the free wifi and some snacks from the snack bar.  Thankfully, Luv2Play has hours every day of the week, so we will be able to return soon and finish exploring all that they have to offer!

Are you planning a party in the coming months?  Or just looking for somewhere to escape the heat?  Definitely, check out Luv2Play - they are new, clean, friendly, and fun - what more could you ask for?

A couple last things to remember before you play and/or party: 

  1. Socks - Kids and adults must all remove their shoes before entering the play center.  Everyone must wear socks.  If you forget your socks, they can be purchased onsite.  
  2. Waivers - all families have to sign a waiver before they can play.  Luv2Play has their waivers online so we (and our guests) were able to complete the waivers prior to arriving at the indoor play center.  This allowed us to spend more time playing!  
  3. HAVE FUN - it's easy to do once you're here!

Luv2Play Surprise is located on West Bell Road and North Reems Road.  Find up to date information on their current hours, pricing and more at 

© 2018 Meg Brunson


Thanks to Luv2Play Surprise for sponsoring this review. All opinions expressed are my own. See more pictures and details on Facebook and Instagram!


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