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Soak It Up Baby: An Absorbency Experiment

By: Elijah, 5th Grade

For many of us, we relied purely on marketing and word-of-mouth recommendations when it came to which diapers to buy for our first babies - so when I heard about this experiment Elijah conducted I was very eager to learn the results and instantly thought about how much this information could benefit you too!  With Elijah (and his Mom's) permission, I have published his experiment for you to review, and we hope it's helpful for you in making your diapering decisions!  

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Statement of Purpose

My purpose of this experiment is to see which diaper brand is more absorbent so when my Aunt goes to the store to buy diapers she'll know which brand will be best. 


My hypothesis is that the Pampers diaper brand will be most absorbent.   


  1. 1 large mixing bowl
  2. 1 large measuring cup able to hold 5 cups of water at once
  3. 4 different brands of diapers, size 6: Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and Fry’s Store Brand
  4. Tap water from the kitchen faucet.


  1. I filled the measuring cup up with water to five cups
  2. I put one diaper inside the large bowl
  3. I poured water, one cup at a time, along the length of the diaper
  4. I took the diaper out of the bowl and allowed any excess to remain in the bowl.
  5. I poured the remaining water from the bowl back into the large measuring cup and subtracted that amount from the original 5 cups
  6. Repeated each step for each brand of diaper
  7. For the Huggies diaper, I attempted another cup of water and it was successful with absorbing an additional ½ cup.

Observations and Results

When I was pouring the water I noticed that the Huggies brand sucked up the water much faster than all the other brands did. I also observed about the diapers is that Pampers was more stretchy than the other brands are and that Pampers was scented, unlike the other brands I experimented on. When each diaper was full, I decided to squeeze them to see if they leaked. To my surprise, the Store-Brand diaper was the only one that did not leak when squeezed very hard. Huggies needed to be squeezed very hard and leaked a little before the inside materials started coming out. Pampers and Luvs only needed medium squeezes to leak. 


In conclusion, my hypothesis of Pampers being most absorbent was incorrect because Huggies brand was the most absorbent diaper brand. I believe this was due to the materials inside the diaper being better quality. It was interesting that the Store-Brand diaper did not leak when squeezed very hard.


I would like to thank my Aunt for getting me the supplies and encouraging me to do my best, and my teacher for approving my science fair project.


Elijah is a 10-year-old, 5th-grade student at a Charter School in Glendale. He loves science, reading, art, Legos, and video games. He wanted to do a project that was much different than what most of his classmates were doing and something that could help people at the same time. Elijah has a 1-year-old sister and got the idea to test out diapers to see which would be the best for his family to buy. The project was very fun and interesting to see how each of the diapers were able to handle the liquid. 

He presented his project to a board of judges and explained his experiment process and findings. On the night of the science fair display, he was awarded a 1st place ribbon. His teacher and the board of judges were very impressed with his project and his explanation. Elijah was ecstatic to receive the ribbon and the feedback and knows it is because of his hard work and interest in finding ways to help people. 

Great Job Elijah!  Thanks for sharing this helpful information with us!