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Swim Lessons in Phoenix with British Swim School

By Meg Brunson

 We moved to Phoenix 2 years ago from Western NY with only one swimmer in the family - my husband. Even I had never learned how to swim because it just wasn't necessary - we didn't have a pool, my high school didn't have a pool, my friends didn't have pools... there was no motivation to learn! When we moved, I specifically looked for a home without a pool so that we would not have that added risk of drowing, but I never really considered all the friends who have pools at thier houses and the danger that poses to kids unable to swim... and just like we wear seat belts every time we're in the car (despite never being in an accident *knock on wood*) I realize that being able to swim is an important skill that all kids should possess whether they have a pool in their backyard or not! I realized that all four of my kids would need formal lessons, and British Swim School in Glendale came highly recommended, so we jumped at the opportunity to enroll them all in lessons. 


Our first lesson allowed the kids to get acclimated to the water and the swim instructors evaluated the skills they possessed. Up until this point - everything they knew was self-taught from instances where we were invited to enjoy friends' pools and the occasional swimming lesson through the town's summer camp program. My older two kids had slightly higher skills coming into lessons than my younger two, so they were divided into different class levels. 


I'd also like to point out that one of the reasons I waited as long as I did to enroll them in swim lessons was that my third kiddo was extremely scared of the water and would not willingly enter a pool - ever. I didn't want to invest in swim lessons only to have her extremely upset and uncomfortable by the requests being made of her. Michael Sweeney, the owner of British Swim School in Glendale, assured me that they were trained to work with children with diverse behavioral and emotional concerns - but I was admittedly still doubtful. I mean, you didn't see her screaming and crying when I tried bringing her in the pool for a family photo last summer - where I held her tightly to me in an attempt to make her feel secure - you haven't experienced the struggle of washing her hair in the bathtub - this kids does not like water. At all. But, check out that photo to the right - three lessons in and she's backfloating with the support of Miss Rose!  She sctually looks forward to "water day" and I am still in a state of disbelief at how far she has come!


At British Swim School, the instructors are skilled at not only teaching swimming, but at connecting with the kids. Their ability to connect, not only with my most skeptical kiddo - but with each one of my kids - has made the experience a positive one for everyone. As with learning any new skill, the kids are challenged each class and that brings up a lot of nervousness and self-doubt, but the team of instructors knows how to calm their nerves and encourage their development at a pace that is best suited for each individual child. 


We're only a couple weeks into our lessons, but we've already experienced two promotions, where the kids "graduate" from one level and move up to another. This means that they get a certificate, a ribbon, and a new swim cap color - and you'd be surprised at how big of a motivator those swim caps are! 


I am so glad both that I was referred to British Swim School, and that I trusted Michael when he said that he was confident he'd get my kids loving the water. Living in Arizona, strong swimming skills are essential. I love that British Swim School starts by teaching essential survival skills, then progresses into teaching a variety of other swimming strokes and techniques. 


British Swim School - West Valley is located inside of LA Fitness at 5536 W Bell Road. Find more inforation about swim lessons at britishswimschool.com/westvalleyaz/ 


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