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Review & Giveaway: Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix with the Family

By Meg Brunson

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Celebrating your birthday, when you are a mom, is entirely different from celebrating pre-baby.  Last weekend was my birthday (29... for the 5th time!), and I couldn't think of any way I would rather spend it, than exploring a local favorite for the first time with my family!  With temperatures in the 107-degree range, a water park was the obvious choice - and we ventured out to explore Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix.  

Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix is located in North Phoenix just 20 miles from downtown Phoenix in the city limits and just 5 minutes off I-17.  They feature over 30 waterslides, a wave pool, lazy river, a rain fortress and spray ground.  These were some of the reasons I was SO excited to visit - and I knew my kids would be too.  

Typically, when my family plans special outings like this, we don't tell the kids where we are going until we get there.  We do it for many reasons, but mostly in case something happens that prevents us from going - afterall, we have 4 kids, and have to remain flexible!  It's become one of my favorite things - listening to the kids try to guess where we are going and having the older kids trying to read clues from the road signs.  Because I was a little distracted, I missed the entrance so the kids oohed and ahhed as we drove by Wet 'n' Wild - we drove around the block, and when they realized that was where we were heading, they were REALLY excited!  

Quick Tips for a Fun Trip

  1. Arrive Early if you want a seat in the shade: We were really impressed by the amount of shade at the park.  There were canopies built throughout the park to provide solace from the hot summer sun.  We arrived later than I had hoped - about an hour after the park opened - and it was impossible to find a seat in the kiddie sections to act as our "home base."  We had every intention of arriving earlier, but life had other plans!  Now, the good news is that people did come and go quite frequently.  We found a spot in the Barefootin' Bay kiddie pool where we were hanging out, and soon enough one chair opened up, and then 2 more next to it.  
  2. Rent a locker:  Because we didn't get the seats we wanted initially, and because we had valuables that we did not want to leave out in the open (cell phones, wallets, etc.), we rented a locker.  I loved that the rental system was all automated and high-tech.  You can pay with a credit card and the "key" is a barcode on a wristband, so you can purchase as many wristbands as you need.  We bought 2 (for my husband and I) and didnt have to worry about losing a key.  They have small, medium and large lockers (plus an area with sample sizes to help you determine what size you need) - we went with large which was able to hold our diaper bag, 6 towels, our changes of clothes, etc.  The lockers are very centrally located, and right near the main entrance, so it was convenient to just send my husband back for towels once a couple chairs opened up (for example).
  3. Don't forget the sunscreen and water: Yes, it's Arizona and these things should be a given, but you really can't be too careful!  Apply sunscreen at home and then according to the directions throughout the day.  Even with the ample opportunities to take a break in the shade, there is a lot of sun and we need to protect our skin!  Wet 'n' Wild also allows you to bring in a small soft sided cooler (1 cubic foot and smaller) filled with sealed, unopened bottled water.  There are also water fountains and water for sale throughout the park.  
  4. PuddleJumpers are optional: if your little ones benefit from PuddleJumpers, they are approved in the waterpark - you just need to confirm that they are approved by the US Coast Guard (our approval was printed on the back side of the chest floatation section.  Other floats and floaties are not permitted.  

Barefootin' Bay

Barefootin’ Bay opened this year and it's the newest upgrade to Wet ‘n’ Wild Jr. including a new 4,700 square foot kids pool, interactive play structure, shade and lounge chairs in a secluded area just for kids and parents.  This was our first stop after getting our locker and sunscreen games situated, and it's where we spent a significant portion of our day.  The kids' pool is 12" deep which was the perfect depth for my youngest two (ages 2 & 3 1/2) - they both enjoy being able to touch the pool floor and were able to get down on their bellies and practice floating with their PuddleJumpers.  Even my older kids enjoyed the deeper water (than a typical splash pad, for example) and being able to sit on the pool floor.  The kids really enjoyed interacting with the variously sized bucket dumps, spray hoses, slides, and more.

Other Kid-Friendly Attractions

  • Wet 'n' Wild Junior is a kid-sized water park created especially for kids and families featuring kid-friendly versions of some of the park's most thrilling attractions, plus water toys, spray zones, and tons of shade.  
  • Soak 'em Playground is an interactive children’s spray ground perfect for the youngest guests and filled with interactive water activities! 
  • Boogie Board Beach is a multi-level complex with colorful, interactive elements throughout five fun zones, nine slides and more. 

Special Events

Wet 'n' Wild offers special events that sound incredible including: Dive 'n' Movies at Monsoon Bay where you can catch family favorites like The Secret Life of Pets, The Jungle Book, and Moana at

  • Dive 'n' Movies at Monsoon Bay where you can catch family favorites like The Secret Life of Pets, The Jungle Book, and Moana at 8pm on designated nights.
  • Fireworks on Independence Day and Labor Day weekend (15 minutes before the park closes)
  • Friday Fun Nights allow you to celebrate making it through another week and enjoy all your favorite rides or slides plus exciting themed entertainment each week, including Live Entertainment, Dive 'n' Movies, and more!

Fun Fact

Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix is home to Maximum Velocity, USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice winner, and only Dual Master Blaster in the world, and to the Constrictor water slide which was voted “Best Water Slide In the US” by Travel Channel.  If your kids meet the height requirements and like thrilling rides, these are 2 slides I would make sure you check out!   

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix, and it was a great way to celebrate my birthday with the family.  With 30 acres of water adventures, there are opportunities for kids of ALL ages to soak, swim and splash to beat the heat this summer.  To find current information on hours, ticket prices, special events, and more, visit

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